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Explore a unique way to assess and score 55 global primary and emerging data center markets utilizing 13 criteria.


  • The changes that began throughout 2020 became permanent during 2021, with companies and government agencies alike moving to the cloud or determining their hybrid IT strategy. Major cloud services continue to battle for market share in large and small markets alike, with an ever-growing number of markets becoming hubs.

  • Construction totals continue to grow globally, with 4.1 GW currently underway in the markets covered, up from 2.9 GW in the previous study and 1.6 GW in the year before that. The largest clients continue to require ever-larger builds, with 100 MW campuses becoming increasingly common.

  • Growth across Asia continues rapidly, with an ever-growing array of secondary markets moving to primary size. As South America and Africa continue to expand as data center locations, expect ever-larger campus sizes coming in these areas.

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Market Comparison Report 2022

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