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[INFOGRAPHIC] Planning your Data Center Exit Strategy Part 2: Drivers of Value

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

This is Part II of a series of posts about strategically planning Exit Strategies when selecting a Data Center site or solution. You can read Part I, Planning your Data Center Exit Strategy in our blog. In this article we cover the key drivers of value for data center real estate solutions.

For Cushman & Wakefield, Strategic Site Selection pushes us to identify the elements that will increase or decrease the value of a facility beyond its intended use as part of a company's data infrastructure.

Considering that data storage will require long term decisions be made with short-term priorities into consideration, planning upfront will potentially save hundreds of millions of dollars down the road if an exit strategy is required. To increase a Data Centers’ long-term value, priority needs to be given to the primary drivers of value for assets in this sector. The following Infographic Explains the key Drivers of Value in Strategic Site Selection:

an infographic on the 6 key drivers of value that motivate site selection
Infographic - Strategic Site Selection. Planning For your Exit Strategy

Careful planning around the drivers of value will greatly influence a data center's marketability, regarding functionality, usefulness, and ability to provide long-term utility in the market. The resulting valuation of these site will be considerably better.

I hope this article has provided some insight into the importance of including an exit strategy when planning for a new data center location. Cushman & Wakefield can be of assistance with your data center strategic planning, valuation or leasing, including exit strategy planning. Visit our Contact section and let's start a conversation about how we can help.

Randolph Borron

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