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Report: Data Centers in South East Asia Poised for Rapid Growth

The growth story for Southeast Asia data centers is hardly surprising. Singapore, the only mature data centre market in SEA has been hogging the limelight since late last year with Facebook setting up its US$1 billion data center in the city state. It would be its first in Asia and 15th in the world, a strong testament to Singapore’s continued strength as a global data center powerhouse. Apart from Facebook, we also saw Equinix, Digital Realty, ST Telemedia and at least two other operators having successfully tendered for land plots from Jurong Town Corporation (the state landlord) to build data centers.

With newly implemented technologies, South East Asia will be the fastest growing region for co-location data centres over the next five years.

Although the rest of the SEA countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam rank relatively lower in Cushman & Wakefield's Data Center Competitive Index 2019, the potential commercial upside for data centre players is significant.

Take a look at the newly released report and Cushman & Wakefield's top insights in our Research page.

Interested in a facility or business opportunity in Southeast Asia? Contact our team and let's discuss your project!

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