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Revised Business Offering Solidifies Sungard AS as a Market Leader

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Sungard AS, a leading provider of critical production and recovery services, is emerging as a strong player with increasing capabilities in the data center market. After a successful restructuring earlier this year and the appointment of Mike Robinson as the new CEO, the company has a strategic advantage in executing its revised business offering and has worked hard to strengthen its global data center footprint, large customer base and diverse services to meet evolving customer demands.

I have recently toured several of Sungard AS’ data centers in Canada and the US and am impressed at their management and wide variety of client services. They are aggressively pursuing the expansion of their colocation business in addition to their wide variety of IT offerings.

Robinson said: “Our strong heritage as a leader in IT services, colocation and disaster recovery creates an exciting opportunity for the emerged business. The strength of our restructured balance sheet combined with our robust solutions portfolio, extensive global footprint, strong customer base and the outstanding professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional service for our customers make us uniquely positioned to take advantage of the market potential before us.”

For more updates on Sungard AS' re-structuring, follow Sungard Availability Services on LinkedIn

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