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Value-Added Colocation Facilities

Corporate IT departments are under enormous pressure to provide robust IT services while managing increasing pressures to reduce costs and staff. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation 5 to 10 years ahead of its normal pace.

The associated demand for hardware, chips and data center infrastructure materials and equipment has created global delivery issues.

Additionally, IT talent has been increasingly difficult to hire.

Not All Colocation Facilities are the Same

In this environment, the move to colocation facilities continues to grow in pace with migration of many applications to the private cloud; however not all colocation facilities (and operators) are the same. Colocation operators who simply provide space and power in a traditional model are finding that they are at a comparative disadvantage when compared to competitors offering holistic value-added services.

Providers that offer a diverse array of services to support their clients are gaining a competitive advantage in the market and continue to outperform their competitors.

A good example of the latter is Sungard AS, with their colocation data center at 371 Gough Road in Markham, Ontario Canada. This is a top facility aligned to Uptime Institute’s Tier 3 specifications and has all the security and connectivity capabilities you would expect; but what it also has is Sungard AS as the service provider.

A Competitive Advantage Beyond the Fundamentals

Sungard AS’ core business is to provide infrastructure, services and management for hundreds of industries including financial services firms, educational institutions, and the public sector.

In addition to the fundamentals of space and power, 371 Gough and Sungard AS can also provide campus availability, Private Cloud, access and management for Public Cloud, Managed Services, DRaaS, and Sungard AS’ signature Workplace Recovery service; Sungard AS pioneered the disaster recovery business.

In addition to smart hands and services, they also provide in house Datacenter Migration services, with 25 years experience, to help manage the most complex migrations and refresh cycles.

Advanced Connectivity and Access

The facility also provides superior connectivity and access to all key cloud platforms through Sungard AS’s relationship with MegaPort, providing “any to any” connectivity to SaaS providers and industry-leading connections to hyperscale cloud providers.

Also, through Sungard AS’s AS Connect, all colocation clients have existing network access to any Sungard AS datacenter facility across the Globe.

This Toronto suburban site is located in the most desired colocation market in Ontario and has a 10,000-sf data hall with 1.35 mw immediately available.

For more information on Cushman & Wakefield’s Global Data Center Advisory Group, contact us. 

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