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Data Center Consulting Services

Site Selection

Our process is customized to each client’s project approval process, and the real estate and technical requirement itself. We work collaboratively from the outset to fully assets and understand the assignment and use a proprietary scorecard to rank and order locations, whether it's a local service facility or a large scale operation.

Transaction Management

Successful transaction management begins with a concise and measurable timeline. From the first stage of developing the full requirement to the final stage of lease execution, we maintain customized reporting standards ensuring seamless transitions from beginning to end.

Agency Leasing 

Our agency leasing strategy is multidisciplinary and our goal is to achieve the greatest value for our clients in the shortest amount of time. We develop a customized leasing and marketing strategy and implement with a variety of approaches.

Facilities Management

Globally, Cushman & Wakefield manages more than 30 million feet of mission critical facilities space and nine million square feet of raised-floor data centers. We draw on the practical experience of our in-house management and engineering personnel to deepen our technical knowledge to these facilities, from air conditioning (energy consumption/ energy efficiency) and environmental controls to power sources and everything in between for a successful data center operation.

Project Management / Build-out

The project management program of our group helps ensure cost effective execution of capital plans for the construction and occupancy of data centers. We add value through a consistent and professional approach.

Market Research

Our approach to market intelligence is grounded in our specialist brokers, on the ground, doing the work.  Members of our team provide the foundation for market research as they work with clients in these markets to make informed business decisions on the procurement of colocation and data center assets.

Valuation & Advisory Services

Cushman & Wakefield’s V&A group is one of the largest and most well-respected valuation, sale and lease practices in the industry. The model – unique to the industry – combines the best of research analytics and real estate consulting expertise.


Tax exposure is the least understood Total Cost of Occupancy component of data center deployments. We bring a team of experts to the project early in the process to help guide in the selection of commercial properties for sale and financial incentives in the data center market.

Portfolio Optimization

We develop and execute strategies on lowering portfolio costs, increasing data center resiliency and compliance, and providing more flexibility for agility and cloud readiness.

Colocation Acquisition & Disposition

We ensure that the process is seamlessly managed from inception to completion, providing advice and negotiating to give you the peace of mind that the very best terms are achieved. Whether you're running a small private data center or building a colocation facility for large amounts of cloud based data storage, we use our expert local knowledge and global agency network to identify suitable sites and carry out due diligence to ensure that the location meets all your goals.

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